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Patricia R. Huff, Class Instructor

“In my paintings, I strive to capture loving memories of places, people, and events. All of my paintings represent my travels with loved ones and artist friends, or time spent at home on the coast of South Carolina studio painting and plein air painting.  The love of color and light still fill me with awe of the beauty of God’s creations and my paintings are done in praise for all that God has made.  My yin and yang impressionistic interpretation of serene to vivacious landscapes are done with many different oil painting techniques, including palette knife and glazing.  It is my hope that you will find solace, hope, and joy in sharing my work.”

My background includes teaching and real estate appraising.  I have taken many classes and workshops over 40 years of painting including Atlanta College of Art, many years of classes with Dolores Kennedy, Quida Canaday, and Mary Booth Cabot.  My workshop experiences include over a month of workshops with Albert Handel and Susan Sarback.  Other workshops I have taken include Doug Dawson, Curt Butler, Nancy Nowak, Mark Horton, Judith Carducci, Gene Constanza, Mark Gingerich, Billyo O’Donnell, and West Fraser to name a few. As part of my undergraduate degree I studied Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology.  Being able to observe in person the Michelangelo’s, Raphael’s, Botticelli’s, Caravaggio’s and on and on was amazing and inspiring.  I have won awards including being in the Atlanta Artists Center Traveling Show across the state of Georgia.  Others awards include CAG Signature Show, Old Santee Canal Exhibition, juried in the Spotlight on Art in Atlanta for four years, and the Wells Gallery Show for four years. I am a member of Oil Painters of America and several Art Guilds.  My teaching experience includes adult drawing, oil painting, pastel painting, and watercolor painting. My volunteer jobs include Show House Chairman for the Atlanta Symphony’s Decorators Show House, Sandy Springs Leadership Award and many other community, church, school, and sports volunteer. positions.  You can view a permanent painting at the Charleston Ruth Chris Restaurant on Market Street in the ceiling.

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